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PugetSound.fishing is a business directory for the outdoor stores, bait and tackle, fishing guides, and charter boats of Puget Sound. We serve Washington’s greater interest to keep these industry alive and easy to find.

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The Puget Sound community is home to nearly 4,000,000 good citizens according to the Puget Sound Regional Counsil. That is 4 million people whose lives are directly tied to the wonderful region of Puget Sound. The industry and economy of Puget Sound hosts everything from hospitality centers to fishing guides, hunting guides, fishing charters for salmon in Puget Sound, as well a vast list of different hobbies that the Sound is home to. We strive to help those looking to get the most out of Puget Sound’s fishing industry, and the respective industries related to the fishing industry, a better directory that gets you out on the water, to enjoy all the beauty Puget Sound has to offer.


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